What Causes My Gutters to Leak?

If your gutters are leaking, it can be a sign that they need to be repaired or replaced. People often ask why gutters start to leak. While some of the causes are plain as day, there are other reasons, of which at least one can easily be overlooked. For gutters that are dripping and leaking, have a look out for these most common causes:

Old or Worn Gutters

Just like other aspects of the house, gutters deteriorate and wear out over time. Older gutters have experienced numerous seasons and have been exposed to corrosive elements countless times. Some may even have sustained some damage from trees or branches, which can cause deterioration to speed up. All these factors wear on the gutters and their components. After some time, cracks or tears start to develop, which can cause leaking. If this is the case, it’s best to contact the gutter professionals to carry out a gutters replacement Chicago homeowners can rely on.


Water will build up inside blocked or clogged gutters, and the level will rise as a result. As soon as the water level reaches the top of the gutters, it will start to spill over the sides. The issue in this case, or in the case of loose gutters, is not that there is a leak but rather just clogging. When the amount of water exceeds the gutter’s capacity, it will overflow. This issue is easily resolved by cleaning out the gutter blockage.

Gutters Alignment Problems

If your gutter system consists of sections, each section must be firmly fastened to the next; otherwise, the entire system will not be able to function as it should. One or more of the sections may slightly separate over time or as a result of some direct damage sustained. This separation can lead to gutter leaks. This problem can be resolved by firmly reassembling the sections. It is very important, though, to use the right methods and techniques that will ensure your gutters are able to withstand the stresses that caused this separation initially.

Incorrect Gutter Slope

This type of gutter problem is hard for the untrained eye to spot. If you have tried to find the reason for your gutter leaks and have not been able to come to any specific conclusion, this may be the problem. An incorrect slope of your gutter system could be due to the selection of a low-quality gutters installation Chicago residents may have made to save some money. It could also be due to the sagging of the gutters, which can occur over time. This problem can cause water to be ferried away from the downspout, rather than toward it. This results in a buildup of water, followed by the overflowing of your gutters, like what happens when gutters are clogged. To correct this problem, you will need to have the system reinstalled properly, with the correct slope. For a gutter and downspout installation Chicago property owners can trust to last, it is always best to hire professional gutters contractors.

The Fixing of Gutters That Leak

To identify the cause of leaking gutters is fairly straight forward, but it is the fixing thereof that can be a risky job. Along with climbing a long ladder, you also need to maneuver lengthy and awkwardly shaped materials up to roof height. Furthermore, the process of a gutter installation may require more than just basic DIY skills. You will want to have a professionally installed gutter system to protect your home for years to come. To achieve this, rather hire a professional gutters company Chicago homeowners can trust.

Get in touch with TOD Gutters Installation Chicago if you need help with a leaking gutter repair or if your gutter is dripping and you are not sure what the cause is. We would be happy to assist, evaluate the situation, and provide you with an estimate for repairs or a gutter replacement.